Camp History

On the Colorado River, six miles below the village of Bend, there is a beautiful spring that has a long history as a camp and health resort. As early as 1850, people came from all over the state to drink and bathe in the waters of this spring. Today Sulphur Springs is still a strong spring that flows hundreds of gallons of pure sulphur water per minute.

In the early days between 1885-1888, Sulphur Springs was a mecca for some of the largest gatherings in the area. Many believed this sulphur water had medicinal qualities and came to the spring to cure many ailments. Sulphur Springs with its bath houses, a commissary, and a dance platform was a thriving tourist spot during the late 1800's. However the popularity of the sulphur spring in the town of Lampasas gradually caused the springs in the rough country at Bend to be forgotten.

In 1947, Winston and Elsie bought the ranch that is now Sulphur Springs Camp Inc. After fourteen years of enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the area, the Millicans opened the Sulphur Springs Camp area to the public. So, in 1961, after seventy years of being a forgotten spring where cattle roamed and grazed, people came once more to enjoy the spring and its surrounding charm.

At that time the camp had three small lodges and the river road extended only a quarter of a mile down the river. Over the years, the camp has continually changed, but with a strong tie to its history.The road now extends three miles down the river and more lodges have been added. In addition, the camp has many electrical and water hookups for travel trailers. A swimming pool, fed directly by the spring, also adds to the enjoyment of the public.

Our Values
You can rest assured that when you come to Sulphur Springs Camp you will be treated as part of the family.
Our Commitment
We are committed to providing a wonderful place for you and your family to retreat to.